Weight loss pills are mainly manufactured for adults to lose their weight and not for teens. Many diet pills also warn people that it can be dangerous for people under 18, because the body of people under 18 is not fully matures and these pills contains different ingredients such as plant extract which alters the hormones in the body in order to lose weight. Alteration of hormones can cause irreparable defects in the body of people under 18. Weight loss pills also produce some severe side effects in the body of teens due to immaturity.


Teens vsAdults :


Weight loss pills produce different effects in the body, the adult body cop up with all these effects while the body of teens do not. Diet pills increasing level testosterone and thyroid hormone, this changes can cause severe defects which the body of a teen cannot bare. During puberty the body of teen matures physically and sexually and the secondary sex characteristics also produce. These changes depends on the hormones secretion.


Physiological risk factor :


Teens especially who are 13 to 14 years of age don’t have that much knowledge about diet pills and their doses. The main risk of diet pills in teen is more likely to take more than the recommended dose. Teens are not aware about the negative site of diet pills, they just want to lose weight faster and get a fit physique but this all ends with life threatening side effects.


Effects in puberty :


Diet pills mainly target the hormones which are involved in puberty. During puberty, the level of hormones such as testosterone and thyroid are being adjusted. Diet pills contain many chemical that disrupt these adjustment. Due to this disruption the level of testosterone and thyroid do not adjusted which prematurely end puberty. Due to this premature puberty one can face many difficulty later in life.


Helping Teens lose weight :


If any teen either boy or girl wants to loss weight don’t go for these weight loss pills just stick tohealthy diet such as vegetables and fruit, avoid junk food as much as you can. Find a prefect fitness trainer to teach you some good exercise techniques. Take part in some physical activities such as football, tennis, swimming and cricket.


In a nutshell :


Weight loss pills are really dangerous for tennagers. Teenagers due to peer pressure and other social factors use these pills to get slimmer and smarter. If you are parent of teen don’t just stop them for taking these pills aware them about the possible side effect it will produce, if you just stop them they will take them again behind your back. So just tell them about the risk of taking weight loss pills and tried some healthy ways to lose weight.